Summer 2016 is lovely

Summer 2016 is lovely don’t you think? Just perfect days of sunshine and light breezes. Took time for a break on the south coast and came home refreshed and re-vitalised.

Butterfly Bushes are Working.

Just now the garden is full of butterflies. They’re feasting on the buddleia flowers right by our back door. Sometimes they land on you and sit for a minute. Lots of fun to be in the middle and watch.


Summer Food Lifestyle Diary …

This summer been cooking a lot of light meals. Salads and quick-but-tasty dinners have worked well.

Started the summer trying variations of spinach and fresh turmeric. Along with fresh ginger. All cooked in a little ghee or coconut oil.

Then moved onto vegetarian bolognaise with organic burger mix added – v popular.

Some good friends came to visit for a few days. And those were feasting and festival days.

Of particular note were the sweets, drinks and for the savories, the pakoras.

Top marks for laddhu.

We had laddhu made from chick pea flour, butter and sugar. They were awarded a 10 out of ten mark by many of us.

Peanut butter experiments.

An experimental peanut butter, cocoa and sugar combination was tried but further work is needed to perfect the recipe.

Vegan pancakes with blackberry or mango topping …

Now the blackberries are here so its vegan pancakes with a choice of toppings. Either cooked blackberry and apple or mango, kiwi and banana. Each with or without ice-cream. Works well and comes close to another perfect score.

Ready for autumn.

Looking forward to the autumn and planning how to reign in our slightly out of control garden.

garden 2016 out of control

Often the autumn season in west Wales is good. Weather is sunny and winds are light. The days begin to shorten and when the sun sets it gets cool quickly. But still the day time is often nice right through October.

So fingers crossed for a great autumn after a lovely summer 2016.

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