First craft-stall

27 May

I had my first stall this week. It was a good experience but due to the fantastically good weather it wasn’t very well attended, I think everyone had gone to the beach!  I shared a table with local designer Tracey, of Orissa Designs.

Stall set up with stuff

And after ….

ptsd - post traumatic stall disorder PTSD … Post Traumatic Stall Disorder!!

Tetrapak Wallets

For me the highlight of the day was the ‘make your own tetrapak wallets’.  I had gathered the tetrapaks, washed them and then hung them out to dry.
tetrapak bunting - hanging out to dry after washing

They can then be folded into a handy, eco-friendly, durable wallet.

make your own - tetrapak wallet

Bottle Jackets

On a bit of an ‘eco’ theme, I also made these little cosy jackets for the bottom half of empty plastic pop bottles.

plant pot

Crusading to cut down plastic waste at the moment 🙂

Thanks for reading. See you soon,

K xxx

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