Completeness Lifestyle

This follows on from the introduction on the about page.

These are a collection of thoughts and notes I’ve collected over the years. Have a read and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Living the Completeness Lifestyle.

Combining a lovely place to be with a healthy diet.

Exercise, friends and loved ones and being creative.

Making and re-using things to make a beautiful life.

Lovely place to live.

Living and working in West Wales is wonderful. The people are very cultured and friendly. There are loads of beautiful natural attractions.

North Pembrokeshire is particularly lovely. It has the rugged Preseli Hills running all along it. There are spectacular views from the hills. Along the coast there are a variety of beaches and cliff walks. Each beach has its own character and atmosphere.

Eating the right things.

Being a vegan and vegetarian is important to me. It’s important to eat healthy food. And because we are what we eat I like to think my diet has the least impact on the world around me. I love vegetables, grains and fruits and sometimes get out foraging in the hedgerows where lots of amazing herbs and leafs grow.

Part of the Completeness approach to living is about being compassionate and not exploiting animals or the environment. Healthy eating is about getting the right balance for the body. And of course we are all different.

Getting exercise and keeping in shape.

As the body ages I’ve found the need to keep to a regular exercise routine really helps. I like to walk regularly and I attend my local Tai Chi class which is a great source of pleasure.

Sometimes walks on the beach are simply all that is needed. Other times a longer hike along a river or on the hills is in order.

There are so many fabulous places to get out into the countryside here in Pembrokeshire. We are a little bit spoiled.

Good quality friendships and relationships.

So important in having a happy, healthy life are the relationships. I’ve experienced periods of feeling isolated in life and having good friends to confide in and lean on has helped me tremendously. And of course part of that friendship means being there for loved ones when they need as well.

Putting energy into relationships doesn’t always seem worth it but experience has taught me there is nothing more valuable.

One of the great results of running the crochet classes for so long means we have some really strong support groups. Even if everyone doesn’t always see eye to eye there is room within the relationships to see things differently and still be supportive friends.

Making things and re-using things.

Of course part of the Completeness approach is to make things and re-use and re-cycle things. As much as possible. It’s just so much more rewarding to make things than to buy them.

So crochet, knitting, sewing along with crafts like paper flower making along with scrapbooking are all fab. Also I make my own soap and deodorant for us to use at home.

Of course not everything can be homemade. My trusty iPad is not something I could make myself, much less programme it.

And of course none of us are the finished article and life is a journey of discovery and learning. So there’s no ‘end’ as such, just more and more Completeness.